“I am not my assumptions”

Throughout most of my life I’ve felt worthless, and less of a person than everyone around me. I’ve always “Assumed” that everyone else is better, and that I can never be as complete a person as the people I see in my life everyday, and it’s wasn’t but a year ago that I was facing … Read more

“I am not my passiveness”

I had always been a happy, positive, glass half full kind of person. Sheltered through most of my childhood, I hadn’t yet been exposed to how cruel people could be. Although I have always been a bit shy, going into high school I was confident, outgoing, and very social. I loved myself and I believed … Read more

“I am not my self worth”

This statement is a feeling I have had for as long as I could remember. Its also a feeling that I now know I am not alone in feeling. I remember being in middle school and meeting lots of new kids. Making lots of new friends and wanting to just “fit in” with everyone. I … Read more