“I am not my self worth”

This statement is a feeling I have had for as long as I could remember. Its also a feeling that I now know I am not alone in feeling.

I remember being in middle school and meeting lots of new kids. Making lots of new friends and wanting to just “fit in” with everyone. I also remember this constant overwhelming thought going through my head of, “Am I good enough?” What was even more upsetting was I believed in my heart that I was the only one who felt all of this pressure to be “cool.”

So many of us at that time in our lives cant understand that we are not alone in feeling like we are good enough. In fact, the majority of us probably felt that way at the same time as one another, and we could have avoided so much confusion of ourselves if we just found enough courage to speak up and tell someone how we felt.

Now as a father, uncle, musician and best friend, I believe that feeling of “not good enough” is in all of us. It can help to build you into a strong and sure person or it can break you down and keep you there. At some point you have to learn “not good enough” cant control you. It might never go away, but neither can your drive to overcome it and keep moving.

We are all good enough but that thought starts with you, and no one else.