“I am not my Alopecia”

Oh, insecurities. It takes vulnerability to share openly about our insecurities. But even the most confident person feels insecure at times. Lately, I have realized that most of my thoughts of insecurity, never have anything to do with my lack of hair. They are the thoughts of “not enough”: Am I special enough? Talented enough? … Read more

“I am not my virginity”

I am truly lucky to live the life I do, and am truly happy with where I am, and excited about where I am headed. I am a really involved individual on campus, serving as a Resident Advisor, an Ambassador (tour guide/orientation leader/student representative), New Member Educator of my Sorority, along with various major based … Read more

“I am not my body”

My insecurities started with my parents divorce and seeing my father cheat on my mother. This was my interpretation of love. I moved around a lot which was really difficult and started to develop my anxiety attacks and mistreatment of my body. I hid a lot because I wanted to be perfect for my family … Read more