“I am not my assumptions”

Throughout most of my life I’ve felt worthless, and less of a person than everyone around me. I’ve always “Assumed” that everyone else is better, and that I can never be as complete a person as the people I see in my life everyday, and it’s wasn’t but a year ago that I was facing bouts of depression because of my skewed outlook on life. Seeing someone who could play an instrument well, for example, would cause me to hate myself for not being able to play that instrument, or someone who got better grades than I did, etc. It’s always caused me to idolize people but in the process to alienate myself from them because of their “Status”.

I’ve since come to learn that that’s an incredibly, for lack of a better term, stupid way to live, and I never plan on going back to that type of mindset. Living as someone you hate is no way to live at all.