“I am not my worry”

Dealing with worry seems like something that everyone does on a daily basis. And that is probably true. But my worry would engulf me. My worry would cast a shadow on every aspect of my life, even the parts that I didn’t worry about. Often it was like I was walking through a fog where I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of me. I was not able to think about anything in the future because I couldn’t even fathom hurdling the obstacle directly in front of me.

The hardest thing that I had to learn to do was separate my fears and mistrusts from the positive parts of my life. I was sick of sulking through an event that should have brought me great joy but instead I sat there distracted by the racing worries flashing through my mind.

Today I can successfully say that I have learned to combat my worry… for the most part. Of course there are days when I battle my stress similarly to how I have in the past, like I am walking through a fog. But for the most part I am able to step out of myself for a second and look at the big picture.

This one trivial thing that is causing my whole body to plunge into worry is just a minuscule chapter in a huge novel of adventures.