“I am not my size”

Being 6ft 9 has always been an interesting experience. I see the way people look at me on a day-to-day basis. Some people look at me with admiration because they want to be my height but then there are those that stare as if I should be in a circus. I know that seeing somebody that is almost 7ft tall is not an everyday occurrence but that does not mean that I cannot see the way that people look at me.

There have even been a few instances where people have actually came up to me and asked if they could get a picture taken with me because they have never seen somebody my height. There was even a moment where two people tried to guess my weight, thinking that I could not hear them. It is embarrassing to know that there are people out there that see me as a Sideshow Attraction and it sometimes just makes me want to go and hide (which is hard to do).

I am done wanting to hide. I am going to show the world what I am capable of. Bring it on. The Sideshow Attraction is going to become the Main Event. Who wants a ticket?