“I am not my shape”

Putting insecurities out in the open can be uncomfortable and scary, but at the same time it is powerful and admiring. I have constantly been told my body shape, whether is having a small butt, small hips, love handles or a tummy, can use improvement but it is not dreadful because “I got face”. It’s annoying to know you are far more than just looks, but looks is what everyone seems to go by in society. While in college your extracurricular activities, your academics and involvement is what makes you stand out but once you step foot off campus like at a club, a gym, the beach or even the park, your physical appearance gains more importance.

I have a mindset of what I want or who I want to look like because of the image culture and society have flashed at me, which is a shame because I envy the people that are literally comfortable in their own skin. However, I have tried turning that desire to look a certain way into a personal challenge; to work out and stay committed to the gym in order to prove to myself I can accomplish anything I want. I admire people that are committed to the gym not because of their bodies, but because of their commitment and dedication. I want to work on my body shape for me, for my ambition and aspiration; not for society, not for likes on social media or the opposite sex.

“If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”

“I am not my shape. Curves do not define personality or achievements”