“I am not my questions”

I am insecure about my questions since they are usually off topic because I hear something that is totally different from what the person said. Ever since I was little, I would always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sometimes it would be a stupid comment or a question that had no relevance to the topic. As I get older, what I say starts to reflect on my personality. Everybody just says that I am stupid because of what I say, even though I can’t control it. Some people don’t care that I get good grades or good test scores; they ignore all of the school work and focus on what I say, and determine what time of person I am based on the things I say. One day in class, I asked a question about what I was learning, and everybody started laughing at me and my teacher made fun of me. It hurt. Ever since that day I decided to stop talking in class. Because of my insecurity, I have changed what I say and what I do. I am no longer the exact same person I used to be but now I’m less talkative and I just sit back and listen. Even though my insecurity is minor it still affects a big part of my life.