“I am not my music”

Paper and Pen- 15 Years old
It’s one in the morning I’m trying not to think,
My mind won’t let me sleep till I get this down in ink.
It’s as if the battle of the broken has begun.
I’m fighting a world who’s already won.
I don’t feel a thing, I want to sing
Give me a chance, just this one stance.
A giving glance
These four walls are caving in,
I feel that fire of the spotlight’s glowing spin,
Just every leap I lend I always end up, the girl with the paper and pen
It’s one in the morning but I’ll find my way , even if my paper and pen lead the way.

Spilling Wine- 18 Years old
Relativity seems oh so far from her, cuz the words don’t seem to clear
Apart from all the busy connections- it’s not all about perfection.
As a build my castles upon the sea, I wonder if love will ever come look for me
Cuz my heart is elevated my mind has surely faded, and my body feeling, far too sedated.
What was locked up is spilling out like wine
I know someday we’re all going to be just fine
As everyone stares at the time- just let yourself listen to the clocks, chime.
Counting those signs, on my way home, no one is every fully grown.
As my mother stands there in front of me, looking at the girl she used to be.
She’s not that far from me.

Tetley Tea – 21 years old
Chaos seems nice, every once in a while
Because the peace is starting to rust
Some need the exhilaration
All seeking commiseration
Floating, flying, sinking underground
No doubt I’m lost but can I be found
Holding the same Tetley tea it seems as I’ll never find the sea
No matter if I drive fast or slow
Just got to let that wheel go
Staying up late, rehearsing a future
Got to put a lid on my system
I mean I got to move these two feet
Apart from the concrete