“I am not my imperfections”

I am not my freckles. When I was younger, I read an article that said agencies do not use models with freckles because they look like blemishes. Freckles are imperfections of the skin that would deter people from buying the product in the advertisement. Since then I have been self-conscious about my freckles. They make me imperfect. Furthermore, they are imperfections visible to everyone else. Each one reminds me of a small imperfection about myself, like my weight, my anxiety, my inability to express myself, etc. All of those imperfections are visible to everyone through my freckles. It makes me feel vulnerable and insecure. I am deciding not to be controlled by my freckles. There is more to me than these insecurities. After this picture, I am taking control of my insecurities and going to consciously make an effort to turn these into my strengths.