“I am not my hips”

Since as long as I can remember I have always been that girl with the huge hips. It never mattered how skinny the rest of me was, it always just seemed to stay right in that location. I have been a model since I was young and I would always get comments from my agents that I needed to loose weight. I was 90 pounds and 5 foot 7 but somehow I needed to loose weight in my hips because the size zero pants were just too tight.

I remember diet after diet that I would go through just to look emaciated in my face, stomach, arms and legs but my hips stayed the same. The eating disorder got worse and worse till one day I was hospitalized because this time when I fainted I wasn’t waking up. I didn’t wake for 2 days. I had reached a point of hypoglycemia where my body and mind stopped functioning. When I woke the Doctors were in shock that I didn’t have brain damage. I was shocked I was breathing.

It took lots of time, friends, and good food till I finally felt alive again. I am healthy now, still modeling but doing it with the right people and for the right companies. I run, laugh, surf and play. I now take care of others as a therapist and while I still have a warped body image and always think that I need to workout more, I never stop loving the things that this body can do.