“I am not my handle”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my handle. My name. It’s unique, it’s me and believe it or not there is another one of me that resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. A much younger Regina Rosenzweig who now hyphenates her name.

Growing up a Roman Catholic most people I would meet would assume that I was Catholic because of my first name… Queen Mother. As I grew older and was exposed to many others of different faith backgrounds I was asked a lot about my heritage. And most recently Jewish women, in particular are fascinated with my name. Most assume that I am Jewish… one of the tribe. And I even been asked, “Are you sure?” And when I answer “no” there is often disappointment; as if I had taken a toy away from them. I am not Jewish. I am a Christian who worships the Episcopal Church but believe there is a bit of Jewish blood in me, and not just my name.

I love my name. My handle. It’s unique and I like being different. For a long time I wanted to be someone else. I longed to be a girl with blond hair, thin and long fingernails.
After 52 years I am finally comfortable being me.