“I am not my fraternity”

To understand is greater than to know, to teach is smarter than to show.
To listen is a talent while hearing is to grow, while lacking own faith leaves you in a hole.

It can take everything you have to create a fresh start, breaking down, building up, is a very fine art.
Not everyone will like, maybe not even one, but if I can teach you something, how Abraham begun.

Alone and scared, he did not have much, a belief and a thought was his crutch.

Leaning and leaning made him stronger, finding proof made him walk harder.
It is not that he even searched to find, what was right there, his answer, seeing with his mind.

Outside the influence of all who say, feeling the earth scream in every vertebrae.
Let it caress your bones and your soul, truth by nature is the ultimate crow.

Choosing a direction is not good or bad, what you make of it is the claim had.
Call it as you like, an organization, religion, business, or fight.

Our only job is to lead it to greatness, but even that is miscued for heavens sakeness.
Doing the best you can do, surmounting goals, or obtaining fame?

Make something of nothing, even if looked down upon.
No one to blame but you, be strong because What I Be till dawn.

A Fraternity is a word we hate, always holding negative connotations.
But is that what we truly are, careless abominations?

We are blind, not that we can’t see,
Choosing not to look, a problem it can be.

Please come and come close, you will see all along,
We are not for everybody, but everybody can belong.

Liking you for you and not for how you believe,
I’m still Jewish, no matter what your god decrees.

Do not hate, because you can’t make one change,
Instead, learn to love thy neighbor or you will become deranged.

Heed this message, beware of thy self.
Threat, Jeopardy, and Hazard, is right on that shelf.

Why can’t we all just get along?
I know, because you want it your way.