“I am not my existence”

Already, in every moment exists an incomprehensible vastness of vibratory energy. The entity of “I” is but a mass of these sub-atomic particles and yet the collective consciousness of society seems to demand so much from it. “What are you doing with your life?” “What is your skill? your talent?” Although “breathing” would be my honest answer, fear and doubt tend to mute me.

Authentically being present is my greatest insecurity. Just showing up doesn’t feel like enough. Owning my truth that “I am not my existence” tempers this illusion and brings my attention back to the breath. It is here that the deepest part of the mind remembers that this “I” is not so separate and this “I” need not prove itself with any grandiose feats. This moment in which this human form appears of me – Maya Eve- is complete. I SHOW UP.