“I am not my ego”

Thinking back to when I was growing up as a kid, I can remember not knowing how things come to being. I didn’t fully understand that achieving something involves an opposite and equal amount of energy to actually realize the end result. I could comprehend that that being told to shovel the driveway entailed going outside with a shovel and physically removing the snow from the driveway but never translated that understanding to the big picture yet. Things like how my parents become professionals, secured good jobs, ran the household, paid bills and provided my sister and I with the comfortable life we enjoyed I suppose I had taken for granted. I didn’t fully see that that same approach to shoveling snow is actually applied to everything we do or want to accomplish.

My insecurity lies in having various wants and goals and also thinking I am failing to take enough action to ensure that I achieve them. I find at times to be full of ideas and short on action. I can spend hours on the internet looking things up or searching for new opportunities that may be an easier solution than what I previously had in mind, however, what I fail to comprehend is that in doing so I am actually walking in a big circle that doesn’t get me any closer to where I want to be. The missing ingredient is action. What causes the car move is the combustion of the gas-air mixture exploding in the cylinder. Explosion. Action. The force of those explosions transferred to the wheels on the ground and the car moves forward. I must force myself to take action and accountability to move myself forward and to become the explosion. To ignite my own ideas and desires turning them into reality. Simply put, stop thinking and DO.