“I am not my eating”

Hi, my name is Ryan Wright (aka Ryan Mattel). I can remember back to being in 1st grade or even 2nd grade, sitting in the cafeteria with my “weird food” as the other kids would say… I never would have guessed now a day that an avocado was a “weird food”. Then I was always the “Weird food kid”. It seemed as if every kid was against me eating in public. Surely enough I just stopped eating at school, then my anxiety would grow and eating food in public was too much. It is something I’ve learned to avoid. I’m nearly 21 now and I really understand now that kids just want a reason to be rude and mean. I’m slowly working towards a goal where I don’t have this anxiety, but a person starting at me while I eat is still a big deal. I will conquer this insecurity of mine and become worry free wile eating food.