“I am not my doubts”

Perhaps it is human nature to differentiate yourself from those around you. Yet the way one handles information discovered and perceived contributes to how a person views the world, themselves and ultimately lives. Once upon a time, a young girl full of authenticity, compassion, and appreciation lost her way and sense of truth while focusing and comparing the differences between herself and others, be it their talents, social network, achievements, etc. to an extreme level. Often these comparisons drove her to negative conclusions about herself, despite the fact that she was simply on her OWN journey, not quite comparable to anyone else’s.

No matter what tremendous success she reached, she was far more focused on how it stood beside others’ accomplishments, consistently doubting her own talent, heart, truth, and voice of wisdom. At times, she even drove herself to question the value of her morals, future goals, and self-worth. One day, a wise woman reminded her that the thoughts and comparisons we hold in our heads are simply that; thoughts, not truth. What we focus on flourishes, and what we let go withers and dissolves. The young girl was astonished and deeply moved by these words. Though presented daily with the obstacles of self doubt and comparison, she began to recognize there are many paths in life and in discovering who you are.

Though there will always be similarities and differences between one another, each story is unique with their own set of dreams to create and follow. By focusing on her own greatness, strengths, and passions, the young girl continues to find success within herself, inspire others, and develop her own life story to share with the world.