“I am not my confidence”

Always Falling Short was the first self conscious feeling that came to be most prevalent and most universal. I live in my own world of ridiculously high expectations, sometimes so high that they never seem reachable. Its hard to live day after day with the inherent feeling of worthlessness and failure. I feel more like a failure than a success the majority of the time which makes positivity a conscious and proactive effort every day of my life. I have so many ideas, passions and excitements that it is hard for me to pick just one and execute it. I always think about ways to make my connection with people, God and myself and I always feel like I am falling short of creating exemplary relationships and moments with all three aspects making my life uneventful, unimportant and unimpactful.

I feel like I strive for that with everything I do, every interaction and choice yet never actually fulfill my actual goals which pains me immensely. To me everyone else seems to be making awesome and correct choices, following through with them and succeeding while every day my choices are never right and consequently my decisions paralyze myself disabling any movement or progress. I get down on myself a lot for this and always think that i’m never really great or can be as great as I want to be, but through this project it was a stepping stone to move to help me achieve that confidence.