“I am not my label”

With the help of some friends I was able to put this together. If you feel anything can be changed, moved around, or omitted, I welcome the help. 🙂

Bisexual, gay, straight, pansexual, gender queer.. Soo many labels, who am I? When I began dating women, I felt that I had to pick a label that didn’t fit or make sense in order to be accepted in queer community.

The pressure to pick a label is overwhelming. I prefer women, but to be with them I cant admit that I am not strictly lesbian. I fear that many women wouldn’t date me or would leave me if they found out. I date based on who I am emotionally and sexually connected to, regardless of sex. I am just me.

I’ve met more people like me and gotten more comfortable, but still hear and face the assumptions of others about me that don’t fit.