“I am not my brain”

A few years back I went through an immediate brain surgery procedure that left me with a scar, internally and externally. For years now I have been struggling with short-term memory loss and it has led me to struggle with remembering “the little things.”

Struggles in my life:

1) THE CLASSROOM: Oh the classroom, how much I HATE the classroom. Not being able to remember details has always made me struggle with being able to remember all the dates, names, places that I would have to memorize for some big mid-term or final exam. I never do well, I am a horrible student. It used to bring me down but once I started in the working world, I realized school may make me feel stupid but I am not. The classroom was and is always a struggle of mine.
2) My Friends: This isn’t per-say a struggle but sometimes it can be. My friends are so damn smart, I love it and I hate it. They always have something amazing/new/interesting to bring to the table, no matter if it’s a fun fact about something, current news, or just telling me about a new book they’ve read. I love my friends there awesomely smart people but sometimes I would have to excuse myself because I can not keep up with their conversations. It’s a sad truth that I have learned to accept. BUT I am working on it by of course educating myself with books, news and anything I can get my hands on.

The statement “I am not as smart as you” is something that really hits home. I do not consider myself a stupid person by any means, but I wish I knew more about things, in greater detail, that I would be able to explain step-by-step without stuttering, getting nervous, and/or blacking out. My brain is my weakest muscle, but I think I am doing a pretty good job of hiding that.

To anyone who is reading this; don’t think your stupid, you’ll always be smarter then someone out there.