“I am not my anxiety”

Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with since high school, and is something that has become much more of a problem for me since coming to college. It shows itself in many forms. Feeling anxious about upcoming assignments so I procrastinate them because I’m nervous to star, doubting my ideas, creativity, and that I will not accomplish the things that I want to in life, feeling physical anxiety that sits in my chest and stomach until I am physically exhausted at the end of day, neglecting relationships and necessary conversations because I am scared of the outcome and being completely vulnerable.

Lately, I’ve been taking steps to confront this anxiety and try to find ways to make living with it more manageable (which it absolutely is, don’t let your brain tell you otherwise). Something that has helped me immensely, aside from yoga, art, and being outdoors, is being open with the people around me. Being an open person from the get-go diffuses a lot of situations that can end in anxiety and it can help solve conflicts that already exist.

My anxiety is real, but it does not define me and I will no longer allow it to have such a grip on my life and my relationships. I know it will always live within me, but each day I am doing better and will feel less anxious about sharing the real me with you all.