“I am not my anxiety”

Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with since high school, and is something that has become much more of a problem for me since coming to college. It shows itself in many forms. Feeling anxious about upcoming assignments so I procrastinate them because I’m nervous to star, doubting my ideas, creativity, and that I will not … Read more

“I am not my self respect”

I feel embarrassed, self-centered, attention seeking and uncomfortable talking about my life and my problems (what problems could you have, you just want attention). I could talk about my ongoing struggle with depression (everyone has depression these days this is nothing noteworthy) or the body image and disorded eating issues (stop using the word “issues” … Read more

“I am not my queerness”

Growing up, I remember learning that being gay made me lesser. I remember ironing my voice into straightness, my wrists into rigidity, my mannerisms into masculinity. I remember switching out the pronouns to the love songs in my head. I remember acting straight – turning self-deception into a piece of performance art. I remember feeling … Read more