“I am not my abandonment”

Do you have any idea what its like to have absolutely nothing left in life but dark memories? This pain that pounds in your head like the crashing waves you hope will swallow your lifeless body whole. Absolutely nothing at the age of 19. I collapsed, as the world around me collapsed. I vaulted everything … Read more

“I am not my ovaries”

It all started in middle school when my parents became concerned with my short stature. It didn’t make sense to them that they, being 5’5” and 5’11”, should have a daughter who was barely 5’. Therefore, I was taken to many doctors, pricked by countless needles, and had numerous tests run. The diagnosis finally came … Read more

“I am not my indecision”

A simple thought pops up in my mind far too often than I would like to admit, “but – what should I do?” Or better yet, “what do you want me to do?” This inability to make up my own mind without having the approval of another can be down right daunting – and unfortunately … Read more

“I am not my abortion”

How much insecurity do I really have?! “I’ve battled an eating disorder, abusive relationships (mentally, emotionally and physically), rape, social anxiety…” the list seemed like it could go on. But the one that really stood out was the abortion I had dealt with a couple years beforehand. I never realized the impact my abortion had … Read more