The College of New Jersey’s Circle of Compassion is that and more.

15 April 2014
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When I booked The College of NJ in recent months, I had no idea how welcoming they would be. The group Circle of Compassion was responsible for bringing the What I Be Project to campus which was headed up by senior Brandi Francis. From the moment I stepped on campus I new it was going to be a pretty special week. I made many new friends that I think will be around for some time. It really is a humbling experience when I’m able to talk face to face with so many people and learn so much about myself in the end.

To close out the week, I gave a quick 1.5hr lecture and Q/A based on vulnerabilities and insecurities which had a great turn out. There’s always a few people that I meet during my lecture that ends up leaving a lasting mark on me.

The following week, The group put so much hard work into preparing the images to get hung up around campus. I owe them the biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart in creating such an amazing event.

Needless to say, I loved being at TCNJ, I loved the company and I loved the memories.

An article the was in the Trenton Times

A really cool article from the TCNJ Signal Newspaper

Here’s a couple images from two displays

tcnj exhibit 2

tcnj exhibit

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