Origin Magazine (November 2012)

22 November 2012
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Ben Renschen is at it again. He wrote yet another amazing article for Origin Magazine. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I continue to feel honored in everyone’s participation in this project.

I believe every insecurity big or small has equal effect on each person who owns it. No matter the social status of one person to another, we all struggle with insecurities. Celebrities that partake in this project are sometimes able to give voice to those who may not feel as comfortable sharing their insecurities with the world. I’m so thankful for their bravery and influence. It shows that we all struggle, and that we are all able to overcome.

From Micheal Franti, to Andrew Keegan, to Seane Corn from you and to me; we are all in the same boat called “life,” and we are all able to face our fears in this empowering, brave way. Thank you Origin Magazine for sharing this movement.

If you want to read the article click HERE.

Gotye November 2012

Gotye November 2012

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